Has there ever been a time more urgent for exploring new ways to earn extra income?

It would be smart to start thinking about this before it is too late. What would you do if the price of everything goes up all of a sudden?

Most people are one financial emergency away from disaster.

How prepared are you to handle a financial crisis or emergency? Are you living paycheck to paycheck?

There is a huge financial disaster in the next 5 years, especially in California

This crisis is the increase in the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Let me explain. There are many arguments for and against, but I like to base things on obvious facts. When the minimum wage in California was $8 per hour, a taco at King Taco was $1.25. With the 2017 the minimum wage being $10.50 per hour, that same taco but with a little bit less meat was $1.64 which is a 31% increase. Is it a coincidence that the minimum wage also increased by 31% during that same period of time? Now in 2018, that taco is now $1.69.

The disaster is not the fact that the minimum wage is going up, but how fast it is increasing. $10 per hour to $15 is a big increase. Can most people afford the consequences?

If a person knows a disaster is coming, wouldn’t be smart to prepare for it?

If the minimum wage for most people in California is $11 per hour and it is going to increase to $15 per hour by 2023, then that probably means that the cost of almost everything will increase by at least 36%. So that means the cost of my small taco will increase in price from $1.64 to  $2.25. A $5 combo will be $7. Will you be getting a 36% pay raise in the next 4-5 years?

Who suffers the most when the minimum wage goes up?

It is never talked about, but the people who suffer the most are people who cannot work who are on fixed incomes. Unfortunately many of these people are elderly or disabled. Everyone knows that people who receive benefits will not be getting a 36% increase in the next 5 years. So who is going to support them? Basically this group of people need to figure out either how to make more money or move to a different more affordable state.

The best thing to do is to make more money now before it is too late, wouldn’t you agree?

College is an option, right?

The real question is if a college education worth the price you have to pay for a chance to get a degree?

How much you are willing to pay for success?

It cost money to make money, right? According to US News on March 28, 2018, the average cost of college tuition $9528 per year and much more depending what university a person goes to. Does a college degree even guarantee you a good paying job? According the Huffington Post on May 27, 2015 “Nearly 45 percent of recent college graduates are working in jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree.”

For some people college makes a lot of sense because they have a specific plan on what to do with their education and will get degrees that will help them payoff their student debt quickly. However, for most people, it is very risky. If you want to find out more on why college is very risky go to:


If you are like most people, going to a university for four years may not make the most sense. Having a college degree does not guarantee a good job so would it be worth the risk to spend $30000 or for some people over $100000 if there is no guarantee? If you are a college graduate, you might get lucky and get that good job, but do you really want to pay that much money only to rely on luck?

How about opening a business

That is out of the question for most people. The franchise fee fee for places like McDonalds, KFC, and TacoBell are at least $40000. The cost to open any restaurant is at least $100,000 and sometimes over one million dollars.

You could be a real estate agent. They make tons of money on a sale of a house, right? The problem is that it is super competitive and 80-90% fail. How much does it cost? You have pre-licencing classes, fingerprinting, background check, cost of the license, broker fees, membership dues, continuing education, marketing costs, etc. These expenses add up real fast. Is it worth it if you only have a 5%-20% chance of success?

Maybe you could open your own Amazon Delivery service. Is the promise of $300,000 per year worth the initial $10,000 investment.

I guess we are all doomed to a 9 to 5 job for 40+ years.

Is Real Estate Investing a scam?

There are a lot of very bad “scams” out there that take advantage of people and cost thousands of dollars. Is it worth it? The answer is it depends.

There is a lot of information out there, especially on YouTube. You could watch all the YouTube videos on how to make money in real estate investing but it will not be enough for most people to be successful. Do you really think a successful real estate investor is going to post all their secrets on YouTube? The main problem with trying to learn to be an expert in real estate investing on YouTube is duplicate content. So how many real estate investing videos do you have to watch to be successful? Which videos are the best on how to make money in real estate?

Obviously, you have to pay for the good stuff.

How much is too much to pay to learn about Real Estate Investing?

It depends on the value you expect to get in return.

Are you expecting to buy a house? Then it would be worth it to spend upto $6000 to learn about real estate investing from a trusted source. You would learn how to buy for little down and learn to negotiate. If you can save the cost of a real estate agent commission then it is worth it. The good thing about it is that you can repeat the process over and over again.

Are you planning to sell a house? Then it would definitely be worth it if you learn strategies that do not require you to use a real estate agent so you can save on that real estate agent commission. The best part is that there are strategies to actually sell your house above fair market value. Do you owe more that what it is worth? There are strategies for that too.

If this is your situation and you see that this investment will pay for itself, then you should check out the Quick Start Real Estate School. Everyone should go to Quick Start Real Estate School someday because you learn things that are generally not taught to the average person.

This is a must to learn especially if you want to explore real estate investing as a business.

Affordable way to learn about Real Estate Investing

The first thing to do is watch all the free content first. Then you will have to eventually pay for the good stuff.

You could make a mistake and spend thousands from people that will give you just general information. Always ask yourself, will you make or save more than the cost of getting that information. If you found this page then you are lucky because I did the work for you. I have spent thousands. You could say I have a closet full of real estate investing courses. If you do have to spend some money, wouldn’t be smart to spend as little as possible to help you decide if real estate investing is right for you?

On the link below you can get a real estate investing course that normally goes $599 for just $1 dollar. You are not going to get rich off that real estate investing course. The real value is the FREE access to the membership site for one month. There are over 100 videos including things that are left out from YouTube videos and most real estate investing courses. Cancel your TV watching for one month and watch all the videos. If you like what you see then all it cost to keep the membership is $59 per month and keep all the benefits which are too many to list.

There are other courses out there that are a low price but it usually covers only one aspect of real estate investing. For what you have access to, you are not going to find a better value to learn about real estate investing.

CAUTION about Real Estate Investing

What is described above regarding real estate investing is for most people. Most people should go to the Quick Start Real Estate School because they will buy and sell a house in their lifetime. If the information is used, it will pay for itself.

If you want to do it as a business, it can get very expensive. Beyond the the Quick Start Real Estate School, it is very hard to determine if it is worth it to spend any more money. Make sure you do not borrow money to learn more about real estate investing.

Be careful about when people say you can by with nothing down. It still cost something, for example closing costs. If you are “wholesaling real estate” it cost something for marketing. Just make sure you have money to complete deals and money left over to eat.

If you have a deal or two in the works, then it would be OK to get a mentor. This would be as long as the cost of the mentor is less than the profit you would be making on those deals. If you have no deals in the works, then don’t get a mentor.

Be careful to do things the right way and don’t get sued. This is usually not covered in any real estate investing course. You could spend thousands and thousands trying to figure this out. The answer is not Legal Zoom. If you decide to use Legal Zoom after this WARNING, then BEWARE of the add on services because they are a RIP OFF. You have been warned. How do you think I know this?

How much do you think it would cost to get advice from an attorney, especially the wrong one? It is expensive and you don’t want to figure it out by trial and error.  Learning how to protect yourself is a MUST if you want to do real estate investing as a business or if you own real estate other than your personal residence. This is best information on legal protection because it comes from an attorney who is also a real estate investor. It is definitely worth it to get this valuable information on how to protect yourself from getting sued at an affordable price. Click on the link below.

Why the old way of business doesn’t work anymore

In general, for a business to be successful they usually have to get the word out, right? This would be advertising. How much does it cost to advertise? Everyone knows that commercials for everyone favorite football game is extremely expensive. Other than special events, you know that most people skip the commercials.

Most of the times companies compete on price. The way they do that is to cut out some of the distribution channels to help cut the cost of products. The way this is done is to sell directly to the customer. Amazon does this all the time. Why do you think Amazon is getting into the shipping business?

In the chart below you see we have an aging population. Don’t you think they will want products that make them healthier. Just suppose you have a health product that can help with that. How hard would it be to sell your product the traditional way in stores. Do you think the clerk at the local General Nutrition Center (GNC) has tried all the products in the store? Would they be able to properly explain the benefits to the customer? Do you think they would have a strong interest in “selling” your product?

You can see that “selling” the traditional way.  Why do you think so many companies are either closing stores or going bankrupt?

An Aging Nation: Projected Number of Children and Older Adults[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

A new way to make money

Working for Amazon under the Amazon Flex program, is much better than opening an Amazon Delivery service where you have to use their cars promoting their business.

If you are tight on money, first consider cutting your expenses, sell some stuff you don’t use any more, and maybe consider doing this. Here is a YouTube video explaining a little bit more about it.

If this is interesting to you then check bout the below YouTube channels. Gig Stacker has different gigs. It is just like how a person can do Uber and Lyft at the same time.

Gig Stacker –

Flexing with Flex –

The only thing is that most people are not creative like Gig Stacker. One creative thing you can do is promote your other businesses. For example, if you are a real estate investor, then you can put a large magnet on your car to promote that you buy houses. Since you would be driving around you could look for neglected properties. You could promote other people’s business with the car magnets. Charge business owners a monthly fee for putting a car magnet on your car promoting their business. Ideally it would be a car magnet promoting your business.

Characteristics of the perfect business

Obviously, the purpose of a business is to sell something whether it is a product or a service. This includes doctors, dentists, mechanics, and real estate agents.

For the average person to even have a chance to have a successful business, there are 2 things that have to be true. It has to have a low initial investment and low monthly cost. How long do you think it takes a person who opens up a restaurant franchise to break even? What if they are not making a profit on a monthly basis?

To have an explosive business a third thing has to be true. The business has to have a unique and consumable product. Why do you think real estate agents discount their price so much? It is because their service in general is not considered to be unique by most people. After they sell a house, how long will it take for that customer to use their service again assuming they decide to use the same agent again? Do you think a doctor who prescribes medication to people with chronic illnesses has repeat business?

The perfect business for the average person

If there is a low initial investment and low monthly cost then the average person will have very little at risk. It is even better if there is no overhead, no employees, and very little inventory. Even for a traditional business, it does not make sense to buy $200-$300 each month if you can only sell $100 per month. This is how people end up with garage full of junk they will not use.

I was very lucky friend of mine introduced me to a carbohydrate manager called Emulin-E. Because of it, I am not as hungry as much and I no longer have the cravings for junk food that cost me a lot of money. Bag of chips here and a bottle of soda there adds up real quick. It has helped me lose some stubborn weight and I easily save $100-$250 per month. That is why I called this website

Even better news is that there is a business side to this that meets the criteria of the perfect business.There are so many reasons why this is the perfect business.

1st, the initial investment is low. It varies but you want to maximize your earnings potential by signing up under the platinum package with the initial investment is $1080 to have 20 bottles. The two major benefits of doing this is that it locks in your price at $51.97 per bottle and you get the highest commission for recommending it to others.

2nd, if you get the platinum package, your monthly investment is only $51.97. This is different than other companies that force you to buy too much to remain active. Many of the packages offered by different companies make you buy things you will never use. That is why you hear about the horror stories of people having a garage full of junk.

3rd, compared to other similar companies, this company only has two products. It would cost much less to be a customer of all the products. Is it easier to make recommendations on two products or hundreds?

4th, Emulin E helps with inflammation and the negative effects of carbohydrates. If your cravings for refined carbohydrates is decreased, then you will eat less and save more. If you are just taking the Emulin E then if you get the same results as I, then you will save more money per month compared to what you pay each month.

5th, the product is good for everyone including your parents, children, and even your pets. If the product works for you just like it has for others, you will run out. You will be glad you got 20 bottles and will want more.

6th, Emulin E delivers amazing results on a wide variety of issues including weight loss, diabetes, arthritis, inflammation and much more. If you decide to take the second product, Klamax, it is more expensive (same price/less servings) but there results are amazing. Yes, it is more expensive but if you get the same results just like the people in the testimonials, then it will be worth it. Since Klamax has less servings you will be glad you started with the platinum package.

7th, Emulin E and Klamax are unique and consumable products providing great results which is essential for repeat business. Any company can promise good results but what is the cost? If you replace 2 meals per day with expensive protein shakes, you will lose weight. The problem is that often times those shakes cost more than the meals you are replacing.

8th, Emulin E and Klamax are easy to sell products. If you start off with the platinum package, you lock in the lowest per month to remain active. Many similar companies charge more for their products compared to if you drove down to the local store to get similar products. Obviously in those situations, it is impossible to make a profit. Because Emulin E and Klamax have gotten great results and there is nothing like it in the market today, it is easier to charge more than what you paid especially if you use the strategies below.

9th, Because the products are unique, cannot be copied by the competitors.Do you think it harder or easier to sell a product when there is no competition?

10th, Special strategy #1. Help others and yourself when you make another bulk order for yourself by using a special strategy. When I sell a platinum package, I get $12 per bottle for a total of $240. The commission I get as a percentage is actually more if I get you to buy just one bottle but you pay full price. Ethically, it is better to offer the best program. I have done the special strategy when I needed more for myself. I  sold the platinum package to someone I know. Then I would buy back the majority of the bottles. The special strategy is sell 20 bottles, then buy back 18 bottles for myself. It is a win-win, you get your bottles at an even lower price because the commission offsets the price and the customer gets their future bottles locked in at the best price. The best part is that your customer can do the same thing when they need more.

This business building method is unique to this company. This strategy is not possible with other similar companies because the other companies require you to purchase too much so you will never run out of your personal supply.

11th, Special strategy #2. If you read the testimonials, you will see which type of people get the best results. Since Emulin E helps with the negative effects of inflammation and refined carbohydrates, it is best to find people who struggle with those negative effects. If you need new customers, just give them a full bottle to try out. Consider giving out more if necessary because as you see in the testimonials, people who struggle with those negative effects see better results when they take more. If you give them a tiny sample, they will probably not see any results.  Let’s say you give away 3 bottles but sell a platinum package, then your profit is still about $80. Then you could write that free bottles as a business expense on your taxes.

12th,  Special strategy #3. Give the customer bottles to try out risk free on the 2 conditions. First, they buy the platinum package when they get amazing results. Second, after they buy their platinum package they give you the bottles back. If you believe the results in the testimonials then you know they will get good results. In sales, they call this the puppy dog close. The dog store lets a customer take a dog home for one week. After enjoying the dog for one week they don’t want to return the dog. If a person gets great results with the product, they will not want to be without it. NOTE: this strategy does not cost you anything because you get your bottles back. If you have 20 bottles in your “inventory” then you can give 10 customers 2 bottles to try out, then repeat the process.

13th, best compensation plan compared to similar companies.

14th, you don’t have to “recruit” anyone to make money. To maximize the money you can make, all you have to do is sell. Just make sure they buy in a way where you get paid the most. I have done the painful trial and error for you. You get paid the most when you sign people up for the platinum package on their first purchase. I learned this the hard way. I made all the mistakes your you. When I sign people up, it wasn’t under the platinum package, so I was paid less. Luckily for me I did have the platinum package when I signed people up because otherwise I would have made even less.

15th, you can make residual income, almost like a royalty. This is where people get the false hope of becoming rich with other companies. Yes it is possible, but it will take a LONG time to make money that way. As you accumulate customers you will eventually get that residual income but it is best to only think of that as a nice bonus.

16th, it is very low pressure. Examples have been provided of strategies you can use without having to be pushy. There is nothing wrong with recommending a product that works and getting paid for it. If you have knowledge of a product that can help someone and don’t make the recommendation, then you are cheating them of the chance to have better health.

17th, better than a part-time job. In California the minimum wage in 2019 is $12 per hour. If you work 20 hours per week you earn $240. You can make that by accident just by recommending the platinum package to others using the low pressure methods described. Imagine if you treated this like a job, meaning you dedicate 40 hours per week actually working as if this was a sales job.  You only have to “sell” to two platinum packages to make the same money per week as someone working full time hours at a minimum wage job.

18th, Pay less income taxes to the IRS. This is better than a job because you can have tax write offs. Let’s say you go visit your relatives out of state. You stay at a hotel because you want some privacy, plus you don’t want to be in a room with other people’s children yelling and running around. That cost money, right? If you are going to go there anyways, why not write it off? It is what rich people do, right?  If you are making money with this you, doesn’t make sense to learn more about this from an attorney? Click on the link below.

19th, You can make as much as you like. If you treat this as you would a job and not slack off, there is the potential to make serious income. If you become successful, you can have time off when you like instead of having to ask permission from a boss because you are the boss.

There may be critics of this business model, but realistically what are the alternatives that is not going to leave you broke and in debt.

**Don’t do this for the money, do this to enjoy better health and you want to save money. If you are like me, you might save money only using Emulin E. If your health is a little worse off, then take Klamax and maybe you wont have expensive future medical expenses. Get the platinum package because you will use it up and share with your family and other loved ones. Do that first because nothing is more important than your personal health.

Everybody knows you can’t get rich working at a job.

What if you could make some money recommending this to others? When was the last time you got paid for recommending a mechanic, dentist, or anything else?
Just suppose this actually worked for you? What if you decided to get serious, study to improve your skills, recommend this to others and make some money? Where would you be 6 years from now?

Imagine there was a product that you felt strongly about, that was affordable, helped people be healthier, and helped people save money, you would recommend it to others, right?  Everyone wants to lose weight and avoid major illnesses. Wouldn’t something like that be easy to recommend?

You will see the reasons why this is easy to recommend after seeing how this has helped others in the testimonial page at:

Is it really possible to make serious income?

There are 4 things to consider if you want to make serious money.

First, do you get the word out? After you are on this for a few months you will want to share this with the people you love and care for the most.  Do you recommend things on social media? If you don’t to be pushy, then put a large magnet sign on your car and have people call you. Imagine if you lost a significant amount of weight or no longer suffer from arthritis/diabetes/inflammation, how many people would be interested in what you have to offer if you had before and after pictures in Instagram.

Second, you have to say the right things and say it correctly. When people begin a job, they get training right? You are going to have to learn and train yourself. No one likes dealing with someone who is pushy and unprofessional.

FREE TIP – If you get good results, it will be a matter of time before people start asking you about it. BIG MISTAKE is to tell them about it. Let’s suppose they ask how you lost weight or how your arthritis has gotten better. Instead of telling them about it, you should ask them a question. You could ask something like: “Yeah, I lost 15 pounds and didn’t have to exercise, if I should you how I did it, would you do the same thing I have been doing?” You could follow up with: “if it cost $80 per month would you still do it?” This is very low pressure and if they say no, you know it would disturb them not to find out about it. The curiosity will just be too strong. If they say yes, they just committed to buying. If they are not interested, you don’t want to waste your time explaining it. The below video explains it more.

Third, If you want to make a lot of money, you might have to make some sacrifices. Maybe sacrifice the TV. Replace that with watching educational videos. Start off with the free stuff. You will eventually have to invest in some education like books and CDs. Best selling author Brian Tracy says “Read an hour every day in your chosen field. This works out to about one book per week, fifty books per year, and will guarantee your success.”  Even if you fail at business, you are picking up skills that will either help you find a job or dominate your current job.

Fourth, is it a business or a hobby. You cannot expect to make a lot of money without doing work. This is why a majority of people fail to make money in business. This is especially true for a work from home business. Let’s face it, this is sales. You could start off slowly by recommending it to others one buy one with the methods described above or you can treat this like a business and put in the time. People have become extremely successful by working really hard for a short periods of time of about 90 days to have their business take off.

Serious money if you treat this like a business

You can make a lot if you put in the hard work even for a short period of time. Work a lot of hours, working on things that directly lead to sales. Video below shows how a young person increased their monthly income from $6,000 to $98,000 in 54 days. By the way, how many hours do you think for a person who just opened a restaurant works?

*Video from Eric Worre YouTube Channel. Great channel to learn more.


Obviously, there are a lot of great reasons to start off with the platinum package. It is a win-win situation.

I want to make your decision to start off with the platinum package the easiest one you have made. Remember I said earlier that I have spent thousands of dollars on real estate courses. That includes courses in the stock market, marketing, sales, leadership, etc. If your first purchase is the platinum package then I will give you some FREE bonuses.

1st, There is a lot of material to learn. A good place to start learning for FREE is from the Eric Worre YouTube Channel. Eventually, to get better you will have to pay for the good stuff. I will tell you where to get affordable training so you can get started fast. It is better to spend a few hundred dollars to learn something so you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars trying to figure it out by yourself. If you want to be serious, it only makes sense to significantly reduce the learning curve, right?

2nd, You can have so much financial freedom if you did not have any debt, including the mortgage. There are legit ways to get the mortgage paid off in 7 years without making any sacrifices. There are different ways to do this, but you want the to use the method with the least amount of risk, right?  I will create a page reviewing all the methods and why I choose the method that I am using. With the help of this method, the mortgage will be paid off in 5 years or less. This is a MUST if you are even thinking about refinancing. This strategy will save you thousands of dollars. Do you have 20% for a down payment on a house? I will show you the strategy but then it is up to you to do the research which is easy with the help of Google. Even if you do not like what I have said about getting healthy or making money, this by itself makes getting the platinum package in this website worth it.

This offer will not be up for long, but if you do take advantage of this offer I will send you an email about with the bonus information. The mortgage information should be ready by 01/2019. I will take time to put it together.

By the way, remember the “If I…would you” question in the video above. Let’s suppose you did the mortgage strategy. You have to keep it a secret. The temptation would be to share it with everyone. You mention casually to your friends how excited you are about it. The will ask about it. Then you say something like “If I showed how I have been paying down my mortgage would you do exact same thing?”  If they say yes, then you are on step closer to selling a platinum package.  If they not serious about saving money by taking better care of themselves, then they are probably not serious about paying down their mortgage in 7 years or less. So, you make that a condition before you give out the mortgage secret. If the answer is no, then change the subject and keep them in suspense. Imagine several months pass and you are paying you mortgage off in chunks. You casually tell the person how much you paid down your mortgage. They will be curious and you have a second chance for a sale. Repeat the process until they give in.

Don’t miss out!!!

How many times have you missed out on something big, then had major regrets because you did not take action on it right away?

Imagine you bought Amazon stock on January 2, 2015 for $308 per share.

How much profit would you have if you sold it 3 and a half years later on July 23, 2018 for $1802? What if you bought it on January 9, 2009 for $55.51 per share? There are many more examples of missed opportunities including buying a house at the right time. The secret is getting in at the right time. Everyone knows that the best time to make money in a business is when it is not well known yet.

This opportunity is new in the United States since January 30th, 2017 with the first product called Emulin E. The second product called Klamax came out February 2018. The testimonials speak for themselves.

Word will eventually get out about the results that people are getting with these amazing products. When everyone is using the products regularly, it will be harder to make money recommending it.

If you do not need to make money, then get this so you can become healthier. If you are in perfect shape, then use this to help your parents or other loved ones.

Begging for a 2% raise is humiliating. If I am right about the negative effects when the minimum wage increases, then how long will it be before you are forced to consider applying for a second job 3-5 years from now? By then it could be too late to make significant money recommend this to others

Wouldn’t you agree that the smart thing to do is to do something about it today, so you don’t miss out and regret it later?

Next Best Step Now!!!

Click the start now button to get the product that I and many others have used to get amazing results. Sign up under the platinum package.
**It is best to get started using your regular computer, but if you are using a phone to read this, use Google Chrome internet browser to take the next step. Sponsor ID is 22208. It doesn’t matter if you select left or right for Position, what does matter is that you get started immediately.
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