Read this before spending thousands and thousands of dollars.

Everyone knows education is very important. However, is a college education today really worth it?

For some, the answer is yes. For others, it depends on how long it takes to get a degree, if they get a degree, and how much debt will they have. Does having a college degree mean a person can get a good paying job?

The shocking truth about university education.

Why is it so expensive? Why does the price of college increase so fast?

With college getting more expensive, you would think that there would be more teachers or the quality would be better, right?

Ok let me get this right, if you went to get a brand new car but you only had $1000 in savings and no income, would you get that brand new car? Probably not, yet we expect young college students to pay $30000 or more? Does that sound logical?

If colleges are subsidized because students could easy get loans and grants, why does the price of tuition need to increase? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have more teachers or lower the cost.

Why does college tuition have to be so expensive?

People comment on how college is a business, but seriously, where does the money go?

Don’t you think colleges should compete with other colleges based on how many of their students succeed in life rather than the amenities they have? Do they really need extravagant recreation centers? Let’s be serious, does Texas Tech really need an eight million dollar water park? How much does it cost to maintain it?

How much more money are colleges going to spend to attract new students that has nothing to do with education or help their students actually get jobs?  Luxurious gyms, waterparks, on campus steak house not good enough? What are they going to think of next and how much higher will the cost of college be because of it?

What happens when an average person graduates from college?

Do they get their dream job and go home to a nice home?

Do most people who graduate from college really live at home with their parents?

So you graduate, then you have no money to buy a new home and don’t even work at a job that requires a college degree. Maybe it is better to save that money and get a new home.

Would you agree that a college has failed if their students cannot get employment?  If only 40% of college graduates say their degree did not help them find work, what is the real college failure rate if you count people who dropped out?

What is the realistic chance to succeed at college?

It makes sense that you would have more debt the longer you are in college, so what are the chances an average person can finish in 6 years?

If you come from a family making $34,160 or less per year, you have a 10% chance of getting a college degree, but people from families who earn $108,650 or more have a 99% chance of finishing college by the time they reach age 24.

Basically the poorest 75% of the population has about a 20% chance to get a college degree while the top 25% has a 77% chance to get a degree by age 24.

To summarize, for every 100 average people, only 20 will get a college degree. 8 of those 20 will work in jobs that do not require a degree, so that means only 12 will be successful in getting a job with their degree within 6 years. So for the average person, only 12% will benefit from going to college.

Student Debt

The worst part of the situation is the large amounts of debt students have after going to college. The student is responsible for this debt whether or not a person finished college.

Too bad college education doesn’t come with a money back guarantee. For the cost you should at least be guaranteed a job!

Paying off student debt can be like paying a large car payment or making a mortgage payment for some people. It is no wonder why many college graduates can not live on their own and have to move back to their parents home.

Is college for you?

The average student debt is about $30000 to $40000. However is that statistic true?

But don’t take my advice, listen to someone who actually had $90000 in student debt. If you are considering college for yourself or your child, I would strongly suggest to watch Jessie Suren’s YouTube channel and read all the information on her website:

It may make sense to go to college, but for the average person it may be better to go to a community college first while working part-time so they don’t end up with too much debt? Maybe after 2 years you could be debt free before going to a university. Get a degree that will get you the best chance to get a job because isn’t the whole reason of going to college to get a good job?

Education is extremely important. Maybe getting a degree is the answer. Having a degree is very valuable but we have to be smart about it, so you do not come out of it with massive debt.

I think the reason why college graduates have a hard time finding jobs is because they do not have any real “transferable skills” or no “work experience” after they graduate. You get many of those skills at a job, even a part-time job especially if you work your way into management.

What to do next for your future.

To be successful, the best thing a person can do is to get “transferable skills”. Learn as much as they can. The first thing a person should do is learn how to read fast so the first step would be to invest in a speed reading course. With speed reading skills, think about how much easier it would be to finish an online college course or online traffic school?

Study anything that has to do with sales, public speaking, and leadership.  If a college graduate applies for a job, wouldn’t they have a better chance if they can “sell” the reasons why they should be hired for a job? If a person has good public speaking and leadership skills, wouldn’t they have a better chance to get a promotion?

Whether or not a person goes to college, this tip can change a person’s life forever. A good starting point is to read anything from Brian Tracy or watch the videos on his YouTube channel. Always continue to learn new and productive things.

Education is about making money, right?

Anyone can be successful whether or not they go to college. What I am about to share is a way a person can be successful and make some extra money. This will probably work even better if a person is currently going to college.

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Obesity is a serous problem in this country. Everyone wants to be skinny, but most not have the discipline to exercise regularly or eat right. There are programs out there like meal replacement shakes, but they are expensive. With this product, I actually save significantly more money than what the product cost. Even if you are in perfect health, wouldn’t it be great not to feel guilty if you to cheat on your diet once and a while? What about the people you care about, surely you wouldn’t want them to suffer from all the illnesses associated with obesity, right?

If you are a college student piling up lots of debt this could help pay for your college education. This is actually best for college students because they are exposed to hundreds of different people daily compared to someone who spends 40 hours a week with the same 5-50 people every day. Younger people are much smarter when using social media so it would be easier to make money recommending good products. Wouldn’t make sense to recommend something to someone and get paid for it?

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