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How to save on taxes and protecting assets form lawsuit.

Protecting your assets from lawsuits and saving on taxes.

Lawsuits, unfounded claims, litigation, taxes, and other financial disasters can come when you least expect them. It’s sad but true… when you build wealth and get rich, you become a target of lawyers, the IRS and everyone that has less than you. It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep! But how do you keep it in today’s lawsuit–crazy world?

Are you a millionaire or planning on becoming one? If so, you are working three times harder than you have to. Think about it – you pay more than 33% of what you earn in income taxes. I know that aggravates you, because it aggravates me. But, I have a solution (and it is not off–shore bank account). Order the Bulletproof Asset Protection Home Study package and learn how to get the government’s sticky fingers out of your wallet!

Your Odds of Being Sued Are GREATER Than EVER!

Newsweek Magazine reports, “The average amounts paid to plaintiffs in personal–injury cases has risen dramatically since 1995.” The Wall Street Journal reports, “Something as simple as paying a college kid to clean your gutters or giving youngsters a few bucks to shovel the driveway could lead to a serious lawsuit.” Forbes Magazine reports, “with trial lawyers running riot, insurance may not be enough.”

What can you do to protect yourself from getting sued and keep as much of your money as possible?

This information is essential if you have a small business but especially true if you plan on being a real estate investor? Do you think you will make a mistake in your real estate deal on your 20th deal or your 1st one? Wouldn’t it make sense to protect yourself when you are at the most risk to make a costly mistake?

How much money do you think it would cost to hire a lawyer or CPA to teach you this? If you did go to a lawyer and a CPA, how would you know if they are giving you the best information for your situation? The smart thing to do is to learn more about it at a faction of the cost of a lawyer or CPA.

Learn the best–kept secrets and strategies for creating, building and protecting your wealth, when you order the “Bulletproof Asset Protection Home Study Package.”

How to save on taxes and protecting assets form lawsuit.

“Bulletproof Asset Protection” Home Study Course

This one–of–a–kind library contains four volumes of solid, yet easy–to–read information you won’t find anywhere else. Everything is laid out in a simple, step–by–step format. Plus, you get audio files and legal forms.

This 130–page manual and 8 audio course is loaded with great, practical information for protecting and preserving your assets from lawsuits, liability and financial disaster. Tons of practical advice for setting up your business and real estate holdings for maximum lawsuit protection and minimum tax liability. Learn why offshore trusts may be better than they sound, why living trusts won’t protect your assets and how to avoid common liability issues. Case studies, sample forms and a resource directory are included.

VOLUME TWO: HOW TO CREATE A “BULLETPROOF” CORPORATION. This volume will show you STEP–BY–STEP how to form and maintain a corporation in any state. Contains detailed explanations of keeping corporate minutes, maintaining formalities and a “bulletproof” paper trail for loans, expenses, distributions, and contributions. Covers when (and when not) to use NV & DE corporations. This course will save you THOUSANDS in taxes and attorney fees and will give you dozens of practical tips for running your corporation. Complete with state–specific legal forms.

This one–of–a–kind course will show you STEP–BY–STEP how to form and use land trusts to keep your ownership of property, mortgages & options private and free from public intrusion. Learn the secrets of protection title from liens, assuming “non–assumable” loans, avoiding probate of property and much more! Also covers “personal property” trusts for keeping notes, cars, boats, bank accounts and other property secrets. Four Audios recorded from a live seminar. Contains references to the laws of all 50 states (sorry, not valid in TN & LA).

This volume will show you STEP–BY–STEP how to form and maintain a limited liability company or family limited partnership to protect and legally “judgment–proof” your assets. Contains detailed explanations of keeping records, maintaining formalities and the latest tax and liability issues concerning LLCs. This course will save you THOUSANDS in attorney’s fees and give you dozens of practical tips for starting and running an LLC or family limited partnership. Includes discussion of LLCs filing as corporation. Comes complete with state–specific forms.

Save thousands and learn:

How to save on taxes and protecting assets form lawsuit.

Act Now and Save THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!

A lawyer can easily charge you TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for the kind of protection revealed in this Bulletproof Asset Protection Home Study Course. If you went to a Real estate seminar, something like this would go for at least $2000 or more.

Enroll in the Bulletproof Asset Protection Program and receive:

How to save on taxes and protecting assets form lawsuit.