Did you ever watch the show the Biggest Loser?

Wow those people lost a lot of weight, but it was a lot of hard exercise and eating perfectly. Wouldn’t be much easier to lose lots of weight if a person’s only job was to lose weight compared to an average person who works 40 hours per week?

How hard was it really to lose the weight?

The answer is that it is very difficult. The real question is how hard is it really to keep weight off after losing it quickly?

Is it harder to keep weight off because a person’s metabolism drop? Doesn’t a person’s metabolism drop anyways as a person gets older? If you have a slow metabolism, you have to eat less and be hungry to maintain a certain weight, right?

How important is having good eating habits to weight loss?

If you lose a lot of weight by eating right, what are the chances you will gain it all back if you eat badly?

What would it be worth to you if there was a way you can cheat on your diet and not gain weight?

It is not your fault! Why is it so hard to lose and keep weight off?

Do food companies make food addicting on purpose? Do you think food companies really care about your health?

I heard of diet products that trick your mind to think that you are not hungry, but do food companies actually put ingredients that trick the brain to think you are still hungry? I guess that is why I still don’t feel full after eating two double quarter pounders with cheese. The more you eat, the more you spend, right?

How do food companies make food addicting?

Food companies need to sell more food to be profitable. Obviously, they have a strong motivation to make food very addicting, so they can make more money.

Food has sugar, but we probably never now how much sugar is added.

If food tastes really good, then it isn’t much harder is it to lose weight if we eat too much food? Imagine how much money you could save if food wasn’t so addicting.

What if you drink diet soda, will that help?

Does drinking diet soda mean you can eat more French Fries? Studies show that people who drink two diet sodas a day actually gain weight compared to those who don’t drink diet sodas.

If you watch the above video, you know the lady meant 2 diet soda per day not per year. How many people you know who drink diet soda only drink 2 per year, wouldn’t be safe to assume that most people probably drink more than 2 per day? What is worse is if drinking diet soda makes you crave more sweets and more calories. How is that supposed to make you lose weight? If you crave more, then you eat more, then doesn’t that mean you spend more?

Is drinking diet soda worth the risk?

What are the health dangers of drinking diet soda?

Wait, there’s more…

So diet soda can increase your chances of stroke, dementia, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and kidney failure. With all these risks, might as well drink regular soda, at least it tastes better.

What can we do about it?

The Biggest Loser contestants failed to maintain their weight probably because a combination of eating more unhealthy foods and exercising less after the show ended. It is hard because we crave all these unhealthy food and drinks plus it is hard to find the time to exercise.

What if there was a way to eat a little bit more and maintain your current weight? What if it was easier to avoid all the unhealthy foods because you no longer have cravings for them? If you saw that you were making progress by taking some easy steps to keep weight off how much more motivated would you be to exercise if you knew for sure that you would lose weight? How much easier would it be to lose weight if you exercised more?

What if there was an easier way to lose weight and keep it off forever?

I do still eat all my favorite foods just all the time. The main difference is that I am more aware of the food I eat and because of that I make better food/drink choices more often.

Quitting Coke cold turkey in 2017 was one of the hardest things I have done. My mouth would salivate each time I go to restaurants that served my Coke just right, probably because those some places put more sugar in it. It was very hard to quit but I was experiencing health problems because of it and that fear help me to succeed.

Because of my fear of having health problems, I successfully quit Coke by myself which made it easier for me not to gain too much weight since I was no longer consuming liquid calories. However, I still needed help. Even though I ate less of it, I still had cravings for Doritos. I limit myself to buy smaller bags at the convenient store but this only meant I would spend more money.

Instant Will-Power!

I was very lucky to be introduced to the carbohydrate manager called Emulin-E that makes it easier for me to maintain my current weight. This is the reason why I was able to quit my habit of having Doritos at break time during work. I no longer have the cravings for it or any other carbs/sweets. I stopped my addiction to Coke and Doritos.

Can you relate to my situation? Imagine you were a contestant on the Biggest Loser and how easy it was for them to cheat on their diet and ruin every thing without strict supervision. What if there was something out there to help them to remove the temptation to cheat or still be ok if they did cheat on their diet occasionally?

The secret to losing and keep weight off is having the will-power to make the right decisions most of the time so that you don’t ruin your diet if you do make an occasional mistake. Get rid of the addiction of the things that will ruin your health. That is why it was the easiest decision of my life to try the Emulin-E and now I enjoy the benefits of being healthier than I have ever been while still eating my favorite foods.

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