My Story


My Story

How my friend Kevin lost 100 pounds with No Gym No Diet!!! So EZ anyone can do it, even me!!!

Anyone who knows me personally knows I have struggles on losing and keeping weight off. I imagine like most other people, I have tried many things like detoxing, meal replacement shakes, fasting, and fat burners. Obviously, the best way to lose weight is to either exercise, consume less calories, or a combination of both. What if there was something out there that could make weight loss easier and faster?

My friend Kevin introduced me to an easy way to lose weight and keep it off.  I meet Kevin in Chicago in 2015. He was a big guy from Missouri where there is lots of great barbeque. I recently saw Kevin in July 2017 in Las Vegas but this time around he looked like he lost a significant amount of weight, I would say about 100 pounds so I obviously had to ask how he lost all that weight. He told me how he did it and it was too good to be true, then I followed up by asking if he was doing something else.  He told me that he was not doing anything else like a special diet or exercise to lose weight so he was still eating all his favorite foods like barbeque ribs, brisket, tri-tip, etc.

How I ate until it hurt at the buffets in Las Vegas and still lost weight!!!

I began to do want Kevin was doing. Since July 2017, I have not exercised regularly and I still have some bad eating habits like eating pizza with triple cheese/pepperoni, wings, steak, and barbeque. At work, I eat fast food daily. Being 40+ years old it is very EZ to gain weight. I have tried those other things to lose weight the hard way and lost about 40 pounds, but it is hard to keep it off.

In February 2018, I went to Las Vegas and when I go there, one of the main goals is to eat great food. Of course, my first stop was a Brazilian buffet where there is all you can eat meat like bacon-wrapped chicken/filet mignon, leg of lamb, lamb chops, ribs, herb marinated pork loin, flank steak, and other steaks. I ate significantly more than what I would normally would eat in that weekend. I felt like I gain 10 pounds or more after the weekend. When I got home, I went to the scale and to my surprise I actually lost 1 pound.

That is when I decided that I could not keep this a secret.

How to lose weight and keep it off forever!!!

I don’t know how healthy I would be if Kevin did not introduce me to the carbohydrate manager he was taking. All I know is that I eat little better, but still eat all my favorite foods and I don’t gain weight.

I really haven’t exercised much unless you count playing softball as exercise. All I really have done in the last 9-12 months is take the carbohydrate manager 15 minutes before I consume at least 300 calories or carbohydrates like cake, try NOT to eat after 6 PM and that is it!

I could only imagine how much more weight I could lose if I actually exercised and ate healthy.

FREE!!! If you bought something and it helped you save more money than what you paid, wouldn’t that make it FREE?

Not only have I lost weight because of this but I save money too. After taking this for several months now, I have noticed a few things. I no longer have cravings for things I use to love like Coke and Doritos. I no longer need caffeine boost and I don’t feel hungry as often. I save money because I don’t buy those things on a daily basis like I used to.

I eat fast food daily at work but take my own water and replace 1 or 2 meals with a protein shake that I get at Costco for about 50-75 cents per scoop so conservative speaking, this has saved me about $10 each work day. I drink more water because it is less calories and I simply do not crave Coke anymore. I also canceled my gym membership and saved an extra $45 per month. I still eat my most favorite foods on the weekend. Imagine how it would feel to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight. If this works for you as it has for me, from the money you could save what would you do with an extra $150-$250 per month?


So, if you can save money and lose weight, wouldn’t make sense to do this immediately?

Go to the homepage to see why it is best to start with the platinum package, but regardless on how you start, the important thing is that you do start.

Has there been a time where you look back in time and wondered how much better you would be if you decided to take action on something? This is one of those moments, so take action now!!!

Click the start now button to get the product that I and many others have used to lose weight. Select the Carbohydrate Manager that helps “blood sugar management” and “carbohydrate management”.  It is recommended to sign up under the platinum package, for reasons why go to home page

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