Social Security Full Retirement Age

Full Retirement Age Definition

It is the age a person has to be to receive their full “unreduced” benefit.

The benefit amount decreases slightly for each month that a person receives a retirement payment before their full retirement age. Obviously, a person filing at age 62 has the biggest reduction which is about 30% of the full retirement age amount.

If you file before your full retirement age, you are restricted on how much money you can earn. If you earn more than the limit, then the amount of money you get decreases even more. Basically you get reduced because you file early and again for making to much.

The main benefit of having your benefits begin at your full retirement age is because there is no earnings limit. You can make as much as you want with no penalty.

When is my Full Retirement Age?

It is based on your year of birth.

The Full Retirement Age Secret

Some people want their benefits to begin as soon as possible but don’t because of the earnings limit.

Most people can file in the year of their full retirement age and not be reduced for going over the earnings limit. However,  in the year a person reaches their full retirement age, the earnings limit is $45360 for 2018.

The best part is that only the earnings made before your full retirement age are counted. Most people don’t make that much, but what if you did?

Let’s say your yearly gross income from employment is $72000 per year. That means if you divide that by 12 months you earn $6000 per month. Only the first 7 months would be counted if your full retirement is in August. So take 7 months from January to July at $6000 per month to get $42000 which is below the limit. In this example there is no penalty for working.

If you are using this strategy, it is best to get the process started by scheduling an appointment or filing online no later than January of the year of your full retirement age.

Three other important things to know.

Remember, if your benefits start in the year of your full retirement, it will still be reduced if the date of entitlement is before your full retirement age. Penalty for filing early but for most people no penalty for working.

So you would still be receiving a “reduced” benefit. There is no back payment or retroactive payments for a reduced benefit. For example, if you call for your appointment or file online in March, there will be no retroactive benefits to January.

If you do not have health insurance from your job or your spouse’s job, then you should go the your nearest Social Security office 1-3 month before you are age 65 so you can decide if you want Medicare.

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