YouTube Secrets Part 1

Are you tired of spending hours and hours trying to learn how to be successful on YouTube?

How annoying is it to watch videos where it takes a long time to get to the point?

Do you really think all the people on YouTube give away all their best secrets for FREE?

The information is designed to help you get the information you want in the least amount of time possible. Sometimes it is faster to read 2 sentences than watch a 5-minute video, makes sense, right?

Sometimes it is faster to watch the video and the link to those videos will be shared.

The goal of this information is to help you get paid on YouTube. It is safe to assume that a majority of people make lots of videos on YouTube to get paid. The main problem is the requirement to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watchtime.

The purpose is to help people get subscribers by having an easy way for people to subscribe to each other. Trying “sub4sub” in Facebook or the comment section in YouTube videos take a VERY LONG time.

Would it be worth it to spend 3-4 hours to subscribe to other people’s channels if meant that you can get 1000+ subscribers for yourself?

This information is separated in 2 parts.

Part 1 covers materials that cost $400 or more. You could easily spend more than that by learning from different courses.

Most of the information can be found for FREE on YouTube but it would take a LONG time to find ALL of the information. This eBook has links to very helpful YouTube videos. And of course, there are things included that are not so easily found on YouTube. So you are getting tremendous value for the price for this information.


Part 2 covers materials from other courses plus 100 hours of research to find the best videos for you to help with your YouTube channel.

For now, this is a sub4sub service, so to get access to part 2, which has information that was not included in the $400 course, you have to do your part and spend 3-4 hours subscribing to other people’s channels because they will be subscribing to your channel.

1000 subscribers cannot be guaranteed because it requires the help of everyone. That is why there is so much valuable information on part 1. You get $400 worth of value for a small price.


This information is designed not to waste your time, so here it goes:

#1 YouTube Secret that most people do not do: Watch your videos at 2x the speed. Look for the setting button on the video itself and change the “Playback speed” to “2x”. Obviously, you are not watching these type of videos for the fun of it, so why not watch them in half the time?

Getting paid by Google

After you have your 1000, with 4000 hours of watchtime, you may get approved by YouTube to have ads on your videos. There are 2 main ways to Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos. I have included links to the best videos on the topic.

First way to make money on YouTube without making videos, is copying other people’s stuff and reposting it. To avoid copyright issues, download from “creative commons”.  People who make videos under the creative commons license are basically allowing you to copy their material.  You have to use common sense because some people download copyrighted material and reposted under the creative commons license.

Change the title and the Thumbnail. This will trick people that it is new video they haven’t seen before. Post lots of videos. Make your videos at least 10 minutes long so you can put lots of ads on them. Maybe an ad every minute. Edit the video a little to it is not easily discovered as a copy. Either increase or decrease the playback speed. Change the audio or replace the music. Ad an intro and/or outro.

Second way to make money on YouTube without making videos, is to copy and change other people’s highlight or compilation videos. This is probably the easiest way because you can just copy and edit the video. For example, on a top 10 video, just change the order of the clips and make your top 10.

It doesn’t sound very ethical but people make money all the time using these techniques. If you like these strategies, I will include ways that you may get extra money.

If you do not feel right doing this, I have included ways to come up with ideas to make your own videos.


Best videos on How to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Making Videos

Gallagur – How to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Making Videos (Make Money on YouTube Fast and Easy)

Gallagur – How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Making Videos or Creating Videos (Creative Commons Tips)

Millionaire By 21 – How to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Making Videos (Make Money on YouTube Fast and Easy)

  • Tip: You notice how the 2 videos listed have the same title. Everything is the same except for the actual video. So if the original video did well, then there is a good chance that the second one will do good too.
  • When you re-upload this information, you should upload it with the Standard YouTube license.

This type of information is what I paid $400 for plus some information on how to get your videos noticed by YouTube. You will get all that information here.

I know may people may not feel comfortable about those strategies which is why I included extra information that was not included in that course.

Making Your Own Original Content

3 things your original videos must have.

  1. Attention grabber/headline: Because people have a short attention span, you only have about 5 seconds to convince them to watch your entire video. Tell them what your video is about or the reason why they will be better off after watching your video.
  2. Add value to the view: People go to YouTube to be educated, entertained, or motivated.
  3. Call to action: tell your view what to do next. For example, watch your next video, like your video, share your video, etc.

All big channels do these 3 things.

Need ideas on what to make videos about

Top 5 places to get ideas for YouTube videos

  1. place where people ask questions about different topics. Find questions in your specialty but instead of answering it there, make a video that answers the question. Other places could be questions posted on Facebook, Twitter, or You could probably make a video of a question already answered.
  2. Amazon book reviews: Choose a book in your specialty and look for reviews between 2 and 4. They usually have ideas on how the book could have been better, but usually something that was left out. Something they want to know more about so make a video about that.
  3. Just type in a keyword in your specialty and it will give you the latest viral and trending articles.
  4. Lists: Popular videos on YouTube are list. “Top 10…” “5 best…” List can be on any topic like sport highlights, weight loss techniques, recipes, ways to make money, etc.
  5. Review: Your own product or book review. If you bought something, why not make a review on it. If you are not camera shy, why not take someone else’s review and copy it (maybe make it a little different) to make your own review.


Thumbnails to get people to click on your video

  1. Use bright bold color for you picture background and text. The text should have your main keyword with bright bold colors that are easy to read. The colors including the background should be bright and bold but the opposite to the colors your competition is using. This will make yours stand out.
  2. Get people to look at what you want them to see using eye grabbing patterns pointing to a specific part of the thumbnail. You can use an arrow pointing to a part of a thumbnail or use a circle to point to the area you want people to look at.
  3. To envoke emotion, have someone’s face with an interesting or strong expression. You will notice that many videos have funny looking face. It is to try to grab the attention of the viewer. You can get picture from google. For example, search for a persons name followed by the words “shocked”, “crying”, “puzzled”, “confused”, etc.

People usually click on videos with a catchy picture. Probably the easiest way is with a program called Canva. Go to

If you are copying videos, you use this to create a different picture/thumbnail. Change the title and it looks like a different video. You can use this to make the thumbnail for your own original videos stand out.

How to make Custom Thumbnails.

Justin Brown Primal Video – How to make a Thumbnail for YouTube Videos – Easy & Free!

Latasha James – How to Make Thumbnails for YouTube Videos | Tutorial for PickMonkey, Canva, & TubeBuddy

One to Three Marketing Solutions, Berkshire – How to use Pixabay


You need good keywords to get your videos ranked higher on YouTube.

The main tools to find the best keywords are Keywords Everywhere, TubeBuddy, and VidIQ.

You can find other people’s keywords.

VidSeeker – How To Find the Tags of Any YouTube Video | See Someone’s Video Tags Without Any Extension (2017)

Use Chrome internet browser to use the technique in the above video. I used that technique on that video and found the keywords below. You just have to look for it.

“youtube”,”of other youtubers”,”how to see tags on youtube videos”,”vidiq”,”how to see other people’s tags”,”how to see tags”,”tags”,”2017″,”vid iq vision”,”how to see video tags”,”tag tutorial”,”How To Find The Tags Of Any YouTube Video”,”how”,”youtube videos”,”how to see youtube video tags”,”tutorial”,”youtube tags to get views”,”tubebuddy”,”how to see the tags”,”how to”,”YouTube”,”youtube tags”,”See Any Other Video Tags Without Any Extension”

  • Tip: Put you keywords on a Notepad or Word file exactly how it is above. Then you can easily copy from the file and paste into the tag section of your YouTube video. You can also put your descriptions in a Notepad or Word file to paste your descriptions. This save lots of time.

When starting out, just use the Chrome browser extension Keywords Everywhere. Pick keywords with “low competition” ratings of .50 or less. The lower the competition, the easier it will be to rank your video on YouTube.

Keyword Tools

The Nomad Brad – Keywords Everywhere – Best (FREE) Keyword Research Tool (2018)

Both TubeBuddy and VidIQ are popular Chrome browser extensions that help with keyword research. I would pick only one. Only reason I use VidIQ is based on a recommendation on a course I bought that said that TubeBuddy slows your computer down. Both do the same thing. Both have limited versions you can use for free. I use VidIQ to easily see the keywords of the (competitor) videos I am watching. I copy the best ranked keywords and put it in my Notepad/Word file to copy and paste in my YouTube Videos.

  • Tip: Big YouTube channels have lot of subscribers who watch their videos regularly so look for videos with a lot of views but not many subscribers. That probably means a small channel got ranked on YouTube because of the keywords in their title, description, and tags. Then copy those keywords.
  • Tip: longer keywords are better. These are known as “long tail keywords”

YouTube Title, description, and tags

Start title with your keywords. You could easily put 2 “long tail keywords” in your title.  For example – How to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Making Videos (Make Money on YouTube Fast and Easy).

If you start to really look at YouTube Titles, you will notice some words are in CAPS covered in (parenthesis) or are in [brackets]. Sometimes words are separated by the pipe | symbol. Helps to get attention. It sometimes helps to put the year in the title to show it is a new video.

Copy the title and make that the first line of your description. Make sure you put as many keywords as possible into your description. Put in in a natural sentence.

You put your keywords in the tag section of your video separated by a comma (,). It is easiest just to copy the keywords and paste them into the tag section. More weight is given to the tags you list first. Don’t confuse YouTube, only put tags related to your video.

Tip to get your video noticed

After you post your video, watch your video 15-16 times. I guess people don’t like being the first one to watch a video. Don’t do more than 20 because your view count may get stuck. You could have thousands of views but your view count can be stuck at 20 for a few days.

Ranking your YouTube video

Below video is what you will find on almost every YouTube video about getting your video noticed. The only thing is that you don’t have to use to tool he uses get the keywords because there are ways to do that for free. If you want to skip that, then start at the 6:15 minute mark otherwise the link below will start at the 3:55 minute mark.

RunLifeNick – YOUTUBE VIDEO SEO – How To Rank ANY Youtube Video 1ST Page In 24 Hours FAST!

YouTube comments

It is a slow process to get your video noticed. Why not comment, like, and share your own video. A nice feature is that you can pin comments including your own.

A common way to have engagement in the comments section is to ask a question. YouTube sports channel “Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED” does this all the time.

This is a good place to ask people to subscribe to your channel.

Dusty Porter – How To Pin A YouTube Comment To The Top – YouTube Tutorial


Get people to watch more of your videos. When people watch videos from your playlist, they watch all the videos from that list instead of watching other videos from other people’s YouTube channels that is suggested by YouTube.

Creators Tutorials – How To Create Playlist On YouTube Channel (2018)

Subscribe Button (Branded Watermark)

Put a subscribe button on all your videos to make it easier for people to subscribe to your channel. If you are making your own videos, you can ask the viewer to press the subscribe button at any time during your video. All the big YouTube channels ask their viewers to subscribe.

H2V – How To Add A Subscribe Button To Your Youtube Videos 2018

YouTube Cards

Using YouTube Cards is a good way to get people to watch your other videos. Put your videos in a playlist and make a playlist card at the end of your video.

RyGuy – How to use YouTube Cards! Goodbye, Annotations!

RyGuy – How to use YouTube End Screens!

How to make an Intro

Delvige – How To Make An Intro For Your YouTube Videos For FREE! 2018 Intro Maker Tutorial

Managing your videos

Michaels Moments – How to Upload Videos Longer than 15 minutes to Youtube (2016)

Jessica Stansberry – How to Schedule Your YouTube Videos

Creators Tutorials – How to Create Playlist on YouTube Channel (2018)

Avoid using copyright pictures

Roberto Blake – Royalty Free Images, Copyright and Stock Images for Graphic Design


How to set up channel to get monetized

(short version)

Evolve Football – How To Put Ads On Your Videos 2018!

(long verson)

Dusty Porter – How to setup Google Adsense Start To Finish 2018 – Adsense Tutorial

How to put multiple ads in your video

Essentino Artists – How To Put Ads on Your YouTube Videos and Get Paid: Ads In The Middle Of Your Videos

What if video gets de-monetized?

Can try to delete and repost. If that does not work, you can delete, change, and repost. You could change the title, thumbnail, or tags. Found a solution that you may want to try first in the video below, otherwise you can appeal and wait a week for a manual review from YouTube.

SuperDan – How to MONETIZE UNMONETIZED Youtube Videos (INSTANTLY) How to FIX Youtube Demonetization (2018)


Options if you get Copyright Strike

Best thing to do is contact the person with the copyright claim. Probably have no chance with a big company but might be worth a try with a small content creator. Maybe offer a bribe to remove the Copyright Strike. Obviously get any acknowledgement in writing, like a copy of an email or a screenshot of the messages and send money with PayPal.

Video Creators – How To Remove a Copyright Strike from your YouTube Account

What to do if your entire channel gets de-monetized

You are pretty much out of luck. You are better off making a new YouTube Channel. If you are making videos with your own original content then you can try appealing.


Make a new YouTube Channel

Things you might want to do if you do create a new YouTube Channel

  1. Change IP Address
  2. Don’t use Chrome internet browser to make a new channel if you had a channel deleted.
  3. If deleting an IP address then go to Google Chrome and delete everything-passwords, cookies, and browsing history.

Make a new channel with a new/different Gmail account and new/different phone number. YouTube will send a text message to the phone number to verify your account. If you need disposable number to receive that text message, click on the link below

Getting Watch Time Trick

You should try to get your watch time organically, but you can’t try this to get 4000 hours of watch time if you want at your own risk.

First get verified to post longer videos. The maximum length video you can post is 10 hours. Make 20 videos of 10 hours each. So that is 200 hours if you watch each video once, but 4000 hours if you watch each video 20 times.

When studying videos on YouTube, I mentioned that I watch videos at 2x the speed. I did a test and found out that if I watch a 10-minute video, it counts as 5 minutes. I posted a 45 second video, watched it at .25x the speed, and it counted as 3 minutes of watch time.

If you did this strategy you would only need to make 5 videos of 10 hours.

The place I learned this from suggested putting royalty free music with no video. You could make a compilation of very long videos with royalty free music. Go to a High School football game and record several games.

This technique can be risky, if you need views this may help.

Buying Watchtime

This is also very risky but if you want to take that risk, I will share who I have used to get more watchtime in Part 2 of this eBook.

Buying Subscribers

This is extremely risky because most services will get you subscribers from other countries than your own and sometimes from obsolete accounts.

Timeworks – How T-Series LOST 200,000 Subscribers (ANSWERED!)


Which Video Editing Software to use

TechGumbo – Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software For YouTube

TechGumbo – Top 5 Best Video Editing Software (2018)

Justin Brown – Primal Video – Video Editing for Beginners (Using Windows PC!)

Justin Brown – Primal Video – Best Video Editing Software for Windows 2018

Free software to make videos with separate window

To make a video of a computer screen with a smaller window for a webcam then get OBS.                          

It seems hard to use but here are some videos that might help.

Wingfield Media – How to Use and Record with OBS 2018 (How to record PC games for FREE)

Dusty Porter – How To Record Gameplay Video With OBS FREE – OBS Tutorial

EposVox – OBS Studio 140 – How to make Custom Webcam SHAPES! CIRCULAR WEBCAM?! – OBS Image/Mask Blend Tutorial

Muaaz – How To Add Facecam To OBS (WORKING 2018) – How To Add A Facecam To Your Videos

CasualSalvage – How To: Improve Webcam Quality in OBS

StoneFox Media – PowerDirector 17 Ultra Review. The Best Video Editor 2018

CyberLink PowerDirector

Use any video editor you want. I use CyberLink PowerDirector. I tried the one recommended in the YouTube course I paid $400 for, but was not really that easy to use. Out of frustration I purchased PowerDirector and glad I did because there is lots of help out there, especially on YouTube. PowerDirector University and Sharper Turtle are the YouTube channels that have the best information on how to use PowerDirector. Click on the link below if you want to get PowerDirector.

The most helpful videos on how to use PowerDirector are:

  1. PowerDirector University – How to Crop and Resize Videos | Cyberlink PowerDirector 16          
  2. PowerDirector University – Cyberlink PowerDirector 14 Ultimate | Audio-Volume Tutorial
  3. PowerDirector University – How to Split, Cut & Trim Videos in Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate
  4. PowerDirector University – Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 Ultimate | The Split Screen Effect Tutorial
  5. PowerDirector University – Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate | Logo Watermark Tutorial
  6. Sharper Turtle – PowerDirector How to screen capture for an instructional video
  7. Sharper Turtle – PowerDirector How to create split-screen video
  8. Sharper Turtle – PowerDirector How to design dramatic opening credits

Sharper Turtle – PowerDirector Creating a title with letters on fire