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1000 YouTube Sub HACK Instructions

I have a list of 7 channels. if you sub to all 7 then I will give you 4 Subs in return. Not 7 because the other 3 are for personal and business. I don’t want the suggested views to be affected. This is a good deal for you because you get 4 extra Subs. I will know that you subscribed to my channels because in the community section of the Creator’s Studio allows you to quickly subscribe to all your subscribers. So there is no need to ask me to sub to your channels because I will do that.

That will probably get me a 1000 Subs, but I want to help everyone in this group. If everyone does their part then everyone will get a 1000 Subs.

1st, Subscribe to my 7 channels. Watch the playlist from 1 of those channels. I already have views but I am hoping to get those videos ranked.

The links are at the bottom of the page.

2nd, send me an email with your name and YouTube channel(s). Do not send a link to a video. This HACK is to get subscribers FAST for everyone. There are other things to do to get views. Also let me know where you are from (City and State) incase I have something extra to share but don’t want to share to potential competition in my area. Send email to: and CC

3rd, I will make a list of the YouTube channels and post it on my website.

4th, I will make a post that the list is ready once there is a significant amount of subscribers. If everyone participates, that will be over 1000.

5th, You go to my website on your desktop/laptop and right click on each channel and open in new tab. Do 10 at a time, subscribe to those 10, close those windows and do the next 10 until you are done.

6th, Act fast because those who do will be placed on top of the list. Plus the sooner I have those 1000 channels the faster I can share with everyone

7th, my goal is to have this done by Sunday night 12/9/2018 or sooner.

8th, Do me a favor and explore my website a bit. It helps my Google Analytics.

I will be doing a lot of work to get you Subs fast. Please play the videos from the playlist of the 1 channel below.

SUB and Watch Playlist

SaveMoneyLoseWeight  –

Videos below SUB Only

Make Money Zero Risk –

Inland Empire Homes –

Make Money Zero Risk –

Dragon ball Z episodes –

Inflammatory disease relief –

djrameet –

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