Updated Testimonial on Molly and Porsha since starting on Emulin

My girls are 6.2kg and 6.5kg and I give them half a capsule each, but Only THE Emulin C. Reason being there is only 1% of onion extract which shifts the sugars as compared to 9% in Emulin M. I didn’t want the sugars moved too rapidly as they are small girls and was worried they would lose weight.
Molly my 11yr old has lost a little bit but wow she has a fabulous healthy skin with NO eczema and her ability to walk 15mins has increased to 30-40mins, this is on a mild day and not when it’s warm though. Her energy has been noticeably improved.

Porsha my 3yr old has ceased the regular bleeding in her bowel motions and her eyes are white again, not blood shot red. Her energy was great prior to Emulin however she has a healthier coat now also.

The interesting noticeable factor has been monitoring their motions as I pick them up (in the doggy poo bags), as there are times when their motions are ‘cocooned’ in a shell of inflammation. This took about two weeks to occur. Also noticeable was the various colours of their motions as their bodies detoxed the inflammation.
They both weren’t that impressed about having their daily Emulin to begin with, now they line up for it and are excited after they have had it.
I’m personally happy for my little fur babies as they are both so much more healthier.
Cost approximately 80cents a day as it’s only one capsule between the two of them.


Cheers Jackie šŸ¦‹
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